Keep Your Subscribers Part 1

You've heard a million and one times how important it is to build an email list.

You don't even know where to begin?

The good news is that making an email list isn't that difficult. You can also start out doing it for free.

Though, you will need to, down the line, pay to have an email list. The services aren't expensive, and the cost for small lists can be in the $10 to $25 per month range.

This is one of those things you're going to need to make money online, and the expense is small compared to how much money you can make.

Every email needs to contain something of value.

People don't want their inbox to be spammed with junk every day of the week.

You feel the same way.

But you need to make money!

The way you balance that is by offering the reader something of value. You can include an affiliate offer or another way to make money in the email.

Though, you don't want the offer to be front and center. The content of your message should be the primary focus.

The most important thing to realize is that the subscriber can be a customer as long as they are subscribed to your list.

 That means it's entirely possible to sell them something for weeks, months, or even years down the line.

Some emails shouldn't have anything for sale at all.

Hey! What?

Isn't this supposed to be an article about online marketing?

Yes, but you have to understand email is a little different. 

What you want more than anything is for them to continue to open and engage with your emails

You can't keep forcing offers down their throat constantly and expect them to open your emails. 

It doesn't work that way! 

You have to dial in the right amount of promotion and information to keep your list opening your emails.
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