Get Free Google Traffic SEO Part 4

Don't be too aggressive with your advertising.

The unique quality content on your pages should be front and center. Think salt, too much, and it will ruin a meal. 

The same thing is real with advertising.

Google can and does look at the advertising on web pages. If the advertising is too aggressive, then Google won't rank the page very high.

The most crucial absolute fact to keep in mind is that Google wants to give its users the best experience possible.

Google doesn't want their visitors to go to pages that are cluttered with ads or are misleading in any way.

If visitors bounce back out of your pages quickly, Google with reduce your rank on their search engine.

Google views the people performing searches as customers, and they believe in keeping the customer happy.

They are all about the quality of customer experience. 

Give Google what their customers are looking for and your rank will improve.

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