Landing Page Headlines

After determining your lead generation goal and reward offer you need to:

Write a compelling headline.

If you want your page to generate quality leads for your business, the headline needs to be empathetic and captivating.

It also needs to be specific and relevant, and since you have no more than a few seconds to make an impact, it is best to bold your text and keep it short.

The same goes for any sub-headings or copy, although this text should not be as bold, vibrant and captivating, as you want the headline and call-to-action to stand out.

Also, consider the message matching when writing headlines. Ensure that your headlines match the ad that users click to reach your page.

Include highlight bullets that clarify the key benefits of your offer.

So you’ve crafted a captivating and attractive headline and have at least one decent reward, but why should visitors hand over their personal or business data to you?

How does your offer enrich or simplify their lives?
A few clear bullet points explaining why visitors should fill in your lead generation form can go a long way.

Bullet points are great.

They highlight the benefits of your offer and get important information across quickly.
You need 3-5 clear benefit statements to improve the likelihood of conversion.

Including these points can be the difference between the success and failure of your campaign.

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