Thrive Themes Refuse To Update

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If you’re like me…

It’s frustrating when a WordPress plugin refuses to behave itself and update.

 This usually results in a 500 server error and perhaps your site crashes and goes offline.


I know you had other projects on the board today with your business, but we have to take care of this problem fast.

Here is how you do it.

This is going to take a little while so pause your google ads, facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and solo ads if you can easily do that.

1. Flush your cache.
Go to the little gear icon at the top of your WordPress dashboard and click.
Scroll down to “flush cache” and click.

2. Uninstall the Thrive Plugin(s).
(Note: Uninstall ALL Thrive Themes plugins that need an update. Make a list or take a photo for reference if needed.)

3. Uninstall the Thrive Product Manager.

4. Reinstall the Thrive Product Manager from their website.

5. Follow their instructions to reinstall and activate all the plugins you removed in step 2.

6. Check your site directly online. On Windows use F5 to refresh your browser. It should look great.

7 Remember to restart all those ads you paused…

All ThriveThemes plugins will now be up to date until they get updated again, which will be very soon.

Then you get to do it all over again  

Entertainment all the way.

This is definately how I like to spend my day. how about you? 

If doing this frequently sounds as painful to you as it actually was to me…

The plugin update errors are most likely due to a server setting at your current host. Not just Thrive Updates, but most plugin update errors.

If your current host didn’t fix it, or worse asked you to pay a fee to fix it (Like one of the largest web hosting companies in the world does), then Move Your Site…

I suggest you change hosting for your website to WP Engine, Blue Host, Weebly or SiteGround. They each have different deals, but SiteGround will move your site for free and also help you should you have WordPress, or other errors, that crop up for you.

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